Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Nearly a foot of snow threatened the execution of heart infused parties all over Fort Worth last Friday. Thankfully, because our hostess had power and because the party was late in the day, most of us were able to make our way to celebrate God’s gift of Love.
Our brilliant party giver, Elaine, came up with the idea of having “autograph books” for the children to sign instead of signing individual Valentines. This was a new idea for the kids and we weren’t sure how it would go. A friend of mine had secured a cutesy book for Julia and I had the job of “masculinizing” a little journal for Brighton. As most things I do, I used what I had and gave all of two minutes to the task, hoping for a, say, ten minute impact. I had written inside the cover, “Brighton’s Valentine Book ‘We love because He first loved us.’ I John 4:19” I signed it and I had Jeff sign it so he could see the purpose of the little book. Right in line with B’s grateful bent, he loved it. In the two hours we had at home before leaving for the party, he asked me to read all of the above four times. He put it down once to feed Gabriel but other than that, it was tucked under his arm or in his hands looking at that front page.

Elaine prepared a lovely party for us. After treats and, for many, their first game of Pictionary, Elaine explained the idea of the autograph books to the children. At that point, we just sat back and watched. There were a few moments of awkward silence and then, of course, the girls started toward each other with grins holding books and pens out. I watched to see what Brighton would do. He stood for, oh, maybe twenty seconds and made a bee line to the Moms. “I want you to sign my book.” These gracious ladies helped him get warmed up. He stood patiently and watched every swish of their pens, flashed a smile and was off to the next one seated.

He had not been approached to sign anyone’s book yet, so I knew we had that bridge to cross. I had talked with both of them about some things/phrases they could write in their friend’s books, but I still didn’t think B really understood.

From across the room, I heard him ask, “Mom, what do I write?” He was standing with his good friend Naomi, who had asked him to sign her book. These two have all their classes together at Science Etc. “Whatever you want to write, Brighton. Just be sure to sign your name.”

“Mom, tell me. I don’t know what to say.” He was looking a little frazzled. Having the predicament of a loss for words was quite unusual for him.

Trying to keep it simple and help him out I said, “Just write, ‘To: Naomi, Love, Brighton’”

He looked at me like my nose had fallen off. “What?” I asked. He looked at Naomi who was waiting patiently listening to our exchange.

He looked back at me, “Okay, Mom, but I am NOT going to write ‘Love’”.

You think he missed the point?

That's Naomi's Mom laughing at B's honesty!

Some of the sweet ladies I get to hang out with!!


Christe said...

That entire exchange was priceless. Thanks for capturing it!

Erica said...

That's such a great idea...I'm going to suggest that for next year! So much better than the little cards that get thrown away...and an actual chance to write a blessing/word of encouragament to a friend's child. I love you for all the ideas you give me!

Alyssa said...

That B! I should have asked if he wanted my autograph while I was all dressed up!