Saturday, January 23, 2010

Julia's Year in Pictures 2009

Admiring your pierced ears!
Entertaining a favorite toddler
Love the grin a new book gets!
Too pooped to party
Favorite past time of mine--- watching you sleep
You and Atlee finishing up Thanksgiving dessert- great teamwork

You and "Izzie"
Lake fun
In the Georgia pines

First day of school

You and cousin Rebecca
Playing in the rain

Gaining confidence on the back of the boat
One of my favorites

Picnic on the patio

We could watch you two for hours on "Big Bertha".
Girlfriend fun on Mother Daughter Weekend

Your favorite past time
Showing off your LSU hat- garage sale find at the lake
Lake fun
Nature girl
First time backstage at Will Rogers
Basden, You and Atlee
Easter finds
Happy Birthday! We had a ball with you in 2009!


TJ Wilson said...

I can't decide on a fav, but those pigtails have to be at the top - gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Wow! Great photos. How will you EVER pick for her wedding video? I think my fav is J & B having a picnic, such a great moment... something they will continue to do for many more years I am sure.
I know I don't have a daughter, but can I be there when you all show your daughters the Anne of Green Gables for the first time? :)