Thursday, January 29, 2009

Girl Birthday #7

"Book Club Birthday Bash". Yep. Was I reaching or what?? I PREFER to have a mind that is on one track at all times. If my train is going to more than one station, I don’t get anywhere on time, much less packed with a creative itinerary in hand. So after New Years when it came time to hop on the birthday car, it was the best I could do. Even though it was my idea, I went through the “that’s so corny” stage, the “that’s so homeschool” stage, the “what in the world will she wear?” stage and finally, about the day before, “this is going to be SO much fun” stage! Each girl was to come as a beloved book character, bring the concealed book (so we could guess who they were) and be ready to tell us about their favorite part.

Rewind 2 weeks: I was talking to one of the Mom’s during ballet. She told me her girls had already picked out their characters and that she had bought fabric at Jo Ann’s for their “costumes”. What? Excuse me? Did she say “fabric” AND “Jo Ann’s”? This all inferred SEWING. First, this meant that Julia needed to confirm her character-and fast- which I was hoping would be SOMEONE who we could bring to life from stuff we already had- story of my life, by the way. Second, if she picked someone we couldn’t create out of "home stuff", I may have to put forth some real effort. As Julia went through our books, I found her looking for the ones with the fanciest, most elaborate outfits. As I locked my jaws, she finally set her sights on Hanna in the Time of Tulips, which is a wonderful book about a young wealthy Dutch girl who happens to don a gorgeous (and complicated) little dress, complete with lace cap. I have not once bought a costume for her--- for anything. Fall Festival costumes, Pilgrim dresses, and princess dresses have all been borrowed or from the dress-up box. So that very night I sent out an email SOS. As usual, my friends came through and directed me to Teresa Scarborough who is now my newest hero. Teresa checked out the book from the library, asked Julia a few questions and a week and a half later emailed to say the dress was ready….. and my favorite part, “The dress is beautiful”. Now, THAT made me excited. We wrapped up the dress for her to open the night before her party and her reaction was worth every reservation I had about having it made. Not only did she want to sleep in it the night before her party, but she wore it the whole next day and part of the following day.

Now, I want you to see the adorable characters that walked off of the pages of some of my favorite books (and yours) and then, right through my front door. (Much to this snap-happy girl's regret, I missed photographing a couple-namely Brighton who dressed as Officer Buckle from the delightful book Officer Buckle and Gloria.) Each girl gave clues about her character and we all had fun guessing! Thanks to all the Moms who put forth the extra effort to get these gals dressed! You made it a wonderful party! Thank you.
Beth from Little Women (Amy came too!)

Anne of Green Gables- Anne with a "e"
American Girl "Kit"
Marie from Degas and the Little Dancer
Amelia Bedelia (although dressed perfectly for the part, really didn't feel like cleaning that day)
Melissa (and Oliver the bird) from Grandma and the Pirates
American Girl "Molly"
A snow fairy from The Nutcracker
The nursery fairy from The Velveteen Rabbit
Mary Ingalls from Little House in the Big Woods
Pre-Fairy god mother Cinderella
Jeff reading from his favorite book

Ever seen this in your whole life?? (Ipod, roller blades, and a Dutch dress?)
Bedding for her "Doodle-made" bed

Notice her last word that we hear SEVERAL times a day at our house--- just like that.


Alyssa said...

That is amazing!! You are so creative! I am not believing for an instant your line from blog posts past that you get one creative idea a year.

TJ Wilson said...

Thank you, Alyssa, that's exactly right. I'm just really glad I didn't know about the Joann's conversation - yikes! Really sweet, of course love the photos.

Sarah said...

looks like such a sweet time, krista. i think it would be fun for a boy party, too. gets me thinking...

Raechelle Ivy said...

WOW what a great idea!!!
I think it is time for her to read Tale of Despereaux!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful group of girls! Such creative moms! It must have been a really fun party! Sorry I missed it. Truly in the Krista tradition. Mom

Beth said...

I LOVE the party theme! Looks like everyone had a fun time. And, the dress. . .absolutely beautiful.

Dondra said...

What a great idea Krista! Enjoyed the post and the beautiful pictures!

nikki said...

atlee had a great time...thank you so much!!! i loved reading about the party and seeing all the pics!