Sunday, January 13, 2008


By the sweat of her 5 year old brow, Julia earned 100 tokens for doing chores around the house. One hundred is a special number because with 100 tokens, she can redeem the grand prize of inviting a girl friend over to spend the night. Once earned, there was no question for her of WHO to invite—her “long time” friend, Atlee. I couldn’t have been more delighted with her choice. It was a “first” for both of them and Julia anticipated the sleepover to the fullest—planning out their every minute together, quickly realizing they didn’t have near enough time together! However, Brighton wasn’t really sure how he felt about all of this time together..... which didn't include him. (His first response, a few days ago, was throwing his coat on the floor.)

May I not forget.........
A miniature suitcase stuffed with all things practical and special
Two girls as hyped as I have ever seen them
Sad little brothers
Whispered words between moms……..something about a plan B, just in case
Reading books to each other with rousing plots like “the fast cat was last” and “fun in the sun”
Silky pajamas
The "deal"-- "You tap me if you wake up first and I'll tap you if I wake up first!"
Politely procrastinating the “tuck in” time
Determined to stay up until “1 o’clock”
Giggles, giggles and more giggles
Best friends
Rapidly disappearing pancakes
Tents for tea parties

The last time I lingered at their door wondering if I should just say, “Lights out,” and do the tuck in, Julia smiled up at me and said, “Can we have a girl privacy conversation?” What does that mean at almost 6 years old??

And as for their 'play' the next morning……………
Pet Shoppe? Polly Pockets? No. With trashcans on their heads they explain to me, “We are on a journey. We are moving to a different land. We heard that armies were coming from the south and we must leave before they strike us.”
“What is that on your head?” I ask.
“Poor buckets.”
“And what is a ‘poor bucket’?”
“It has all kinds of things in it that the poor people might need as we travel on our way.”
A few minutes later, I hear voices of desperation saying, “We must make it to the ‘Apossa’ Cave. They have a hospitality room where there are no guards!” The armies from the south must have been close!
And Brighton’s given role in this drama? The milk man. (At least they included him.)

Our first sleepover experience was perfect—due to the sweet girls who tried ever so hard NOT to sleep.
(Taken at 1:45 am-I think they made it to 1!)


nikki said...

let all blog readers know that when i asked atlee how it was that she was able to stay the whole night (and not want to come home) she stated "ms. krista said she was making pancakes for breakfast and i really wanted those pancakes." if you've had krista's cooking (any of it) you know exactly what she ment!!!

thank you to julia for choosing atlee for such a special night!!

Raechelle Ivy said...

How special!!!!!!
I am not sure I will be as excited at Holden's first sleepover in our new house!!!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

This is precious! I bet that they are already planning their next sleep over.

Sarah said...

I think the most impressive part of this blog entry is that someone in the Sander's household was up at 1:45, that is WELL past 9:30

Love the girl bonding... I can only hope they were playing MASH and Graham's name was included!

Krista said...

N- should have known it wasn't my fun, spontaneous and sweet disposition!
B- Julia is-- without her brother and for 2 nights!
S- What I'll do for a good picture is beyond me too!

melissa said...

Julia's jammies look to have some Chinese flair to them - I like!

TJ Wilson said...

so fun. love the new family photo - looks great!