Saturday, April 2, 2016

Epic Celebration As Always {Easter 2015}

Easter is a big deal.  Shouldn’t it be the biggest?  Even with it the BIGGEST, we still have to fight not to lose it.  Lose the significance of the celebration-- and lose the WHY of all of it.  I love the newness and freshness of the day-- and getting to spend it with friends who know the Savior, outside, in the green-- well, it’s just one the best blessings of the year.  

Jeff tries to take Julia dress shopping each year to ensure she has a NEW dress for Easter morning.  I think she likes the tradition.  

Gotta love these 12 year old boy expressions.  There WAS a successful “selfie” but as soon as I put it in an Instagram collage, it was gone.  This one will have to do. 

They brought this dress home for me.

I do love this tradition-- the Easter garden.  I saw it on Ann Voskamp’s site years ago and don’t know if she came up with it or saw it somewhere else herself.  It’s transformed into LIGHT and LIFE on Easter morning.  And the BEST thing?! The tomb is EMPTY.

Taking pictures with kids has gotten somewhat easier except when a little brothers decides to play his traditional role.  And there’s the selfie I lost.  

The crowd that gathers at Daboo and Cappy’s is big AND special.  

I love these three girls.  

Some of Fort Worth’s finest right here.

Keeping their hands in the Easter play.  They were the first to play the women at the tomb.

This is the setting for the Easter play.  Dreamy, yes?

There are always many laughs and debacles but the story is ALWAYS told and the children are great sports to make this happen for their small audience every year.

And I could write a book about these 3-- and I just might one day.  I’d have to add a few others but I do love these faces.

A late picture so many special friends are missing here, but I am grateful for the friendships forged since birth.  And oh my goodness-- do you see the newest one?  

Happy Easter 2015!!!

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