Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

Merry Christmas from the Orange Family! 
{The hardcopy we sent out had a terrible orange hue.  I could do nothing but embrace it.}

So you must be guessing…. hmmm, are they ALL sunburned….. or I wonder how that all-carrot diet worked out for the Sanders this summer..…or that self-tanner didn’t quite do the trick, did it?  Those are such good, valid guesses but nothing as entertaining as that.  It’s called DIY Christmas cards and printing via an email proof— so, this year, you get the Melon Sanders Family and our gift to you is maybe a little grin.  {Better than green, I say.}

Each year, I print out a book of all the things I’ve written down over the year— with all the pictures— basically my blog, Not By Might— and it has to have a name, something on the cover, one that sums up the year for me. This morning I typed “Never Could I Have Imagined”.  There have been wonderful things that have happened— a year full of blessings, but also things I never expected, like so many inches added to both of my kids, questions I was NOT prepared to answer,  how much they changed from last year’s picture, conversations that I didn’t know we were quite ready for but apparently we were and how my heart could ache with such joy AND as much hurt.  All you parents before me know exactly what I am talking about, but me?  I am just learning it.  And I thank God for all of it because in it, He’s making us all more like Him.  {Just don’t ask me about that at midnight after one of those conversations I wasn’t expecting.}

We have one teenager in the house except that Brighton doesn’t officially count “13” as a “real” teenager.  He says Julia is just pretending or practicing maybe.  We will see if his story changes come October when he hits 13.  He’s the little brother to the nth degree and takes great pride in that role.  And because of that, Julia will have doctoral level training in people skills.  B’s doctorate skill level will be sensing hormonal imbalance in the atmosphere.

Julia and Brighton are in 8th and 6th grade, respectively.  They are both still taking piano. Brighton plays the traditional sport in season.  We just finished up football— Jeff as the line coach— and have just begun basketball season with the school.  Julia continues ballet and decided to be in the Christmas Special with Ballet Concerto this year, so come next weekend, I get to see her be a “pink lady”, a Hallelujah angel and the front half of a cow.  Her “ballet portfolio” is diverse.

Jeff and I are doing great—amazed by how the time is FLY- ING.  Ibuprofen is our friend and my reading glasses are never too far away.  We are having a ball with our kids— except when I am grading math— and are grateful to be a family and have a “partner” with whom to parent.  I would be a heap in the corner without Jeff.

We are so dependent on the One we celebrate this season.  He is our HOPE for every situation in which we find ourselves.  Most of the time I can’t understand what He’s doing, but His track record of FAITHFULNESS in my life makes it a little easier to open up my hands and say, “I trust You because I know You to be good.”

Some of you have received a card since we were married in 1992 and some of you are receiving one for the very first time.  Old friends, new friends— His blessings are so welcome and so appreciated in my life.  I thank Him for your friendship and how the He saw fit for our paths to cross in one capacity or another over the years.  He is the Giver of ALL GOOD GIFTS!!

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