Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pericope No. 13 {and a 1/2?} Fall to Christmas 2014

May.  May the 12th to be exact.  School is almost out and summer is a beacon in the near distance.  The clouds broke just enough yesterday for me to see it.  Anticipation abounds.... but not before I can remember.  When I looked to see when I did my last "catch up" aka "pericope post", I had to search twice to be sure I was doing it right.  Big deal, you say?  Well, yes, it is to me.  These posts-- turned into books after each summer-- are records of our days, our memories-- sneak peeks into moments or events we so soon forget.

I usually don't have trouble protecting my family's calendar.  I enjoy margin, quiet spaces for us all to enjoy, and filling that margin with some fun, not so quiet, activities.  However, in the fall, I failed.  Completely.  I took on more than I could handle-- with joy and grace and kindness to spread over the other parts of my life.  Once in the midst of it, it was like I could only see the next moment and I couldn't think past it either.  We all survived, of course-- as most people do-- but I learned a lesson and maybe more importantly, my limit.  But when I see how much time passed without any reflection, I understand why it seemed super hard.  This girl needs that-- to wonder why that went well or didn't, what I could do differently next time or what might make this more special or how I'll be sure to have that conversation next opportunity or how we'll be sure to include him/her next go 'round....... and I didn't take it and one day smeared into the next.

There were great moments-- fun ones and big ones-- but not cohesive in my mind.  Nevertheless, here I go to remember the fun and big in the blur.  And just fyi-- things are WAY clearer now.

This was a big night to kick off our September when Mrs. Bush was the speaker at our Tarrant NET banquet.  It was a special night and she was the epitome of grace, intelligence and kindness.  {Funny memory-- we were told NOT to chit chat with her but she initiated conversation with Jeff and then I was stuck between my rule-following nature and being on my best behavior with the Former First Lady. So our funny friend, Jeff A took pictures of me trying to PULL my husband away but also trying to give her my attention-- just awkward I tell you.}  Friends always make these events sweeter-- thanks SO many of you for being there!!

Then a slew of THIRTEENTH birthday parties began-- with a handful of sweet girls.  This particular party, the mom took them all to Dallas overnight.  Here they are trying on gowns--- not going ANYWHERE, mind you. ; )

And one of a couple of date nights I had with my favorite middle schooler.  Mexican... always.  Raised him right.

I had the HONOR of sharing thoughts on Loving God and Others with this amazing group of women from Alliance Community Fellowship.  Humbling to say two words in front of any group.  Yes?

Homecoming week at school and maybe this is my only picture?  Career day...... Julia is a fashion designer.  Not sure about B. ; )

We had a fun group at the game-- a few of us offering up BBQ fixings from our tail gates.  Really great night!  Grateful to be in school with these families.

En pointe-- needs to be included in the yearly budget.  We did this a few times this year.  She's better at it than I am but last time, she gave me some pointers.

Big Tex got a new outfit-- and it was a lovely day!  And this year, it was a quite uneventful day, thank goodness- unlike LAST YEAR!!

Let's just say I am glad this was taken near the end of our day.......

I love the determination here.  And her curls popping out to remind us all-- it's a GREAT DAY to be at the fair!!

Altar picture-- where Jeff and I prayed about that little bit on his lap.  She was growing in a womb that wasn't mine but here, on these benches, God planted her in my heart.

We played a little football-- just a lot of fun to watch.

We love watching our friends play when we can-- this was the "Hudson game" as in "give the ball to Hud"!  He was so exciting to watch!

I posted this but I can't skip it--  WE CELEBRATED MY PARENTS' 50TH!!!

Our small town started a magazine and put these two knuckleheads in the first edition.  They didn't make the front cover-- I mean, who could stand all that handsomeness on the FRONT cover?!?  But y'all, I am so proud of this.  That's my Daddy and big brother.  The article is about my dad got to Soperton-- and beyond.  Wish you could read it.  I may just retype the whole thing in one day-- that way it will be in my books..... Hmmm....

Julia helped with a friend's birthday party.... you know, those sought after teenagers. ; )

It's always worth documenting time with this woman-- Mrs. Summey, my college Sunday School teacher, mentor and friend.  {SO GLAD YOU HAVE ROOTS IN TEXAS-- AND NOW A GRANDSON!!!}

I took my own beauty to see the ballet, Sleeping Beauty-- a treat from her Nana and me.

This special woman gave us this piece that her husband's mother had made.  She couldn't quit thinking of me when she looked at it and decided it belonged to me-- a mother with an older girl and younger boy. Christy-- we are blessed by you.

My Daddy's unbridled joy after beating Brighton in football-- a favorite moment for sure.

A little TCU football--- family date night

There was a LOT of studying going on.... taught at our church's Women's Bible Study some and it was a BIG deal EVERY time.  A hyperventilation big deal.

We celebrated, simply, her 7th spiritual birthday.... Grateful for this sweet girl.

Then there was Mother Daughter Retreat with this fun group!!

They had a costume night so Nikki bought them all wigs and they dressed alike and went as the Darling Dozen-- maybe a Baker's Dozen or not....

Maybe my kids' favorite thing we did in the fall?  TobyMac in concert-- maybe my favorite thing?  We worshipped and sang and heard his own heart regarding the Savior.  Inspiring.

Julia made a few cakes..... I benefitted from each one.

We took this impromptu picture thinking we might do a "selfie" Christmas card-- and I really liked this one.

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with friends-- including this crew of 5.  Downtown was all lit up-- ready for Christmas.

We faithfully cheered on our Dawgs as they lost to the bumblebees for the first time in like half a century.  {A tenth?}

We watched these guys learn to HUSTLE on the basketball court.  You guys were fun to watch!

We made Christmas candy.

We sang carols and read the Christmas story in a friend's barn.

Brighton experienced first world problems at Starbucks on our road trip to Georgia.

And we celebrated Christmas in Texas and twice in Georgia.

I believe I'll start 2015 in another post!


Emily said...

Haha! I can't believe I never saw the "Briton" pic. That is a classic.

Patti said...

That cake is impressive! Did I count TWELVE layers??? How is that even done? It looks delicious.

I thought you might want to know that I searched through your archives a couple of months ago to find the great post you wrote about having THE talk with Julia. I read it through, twice, cried a little, and ordered the books you mentioned. Now if I can just get my courage up to jump in with my girl who refuses to ask a single question to start the conversation!