Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brighton and the Worldwide Web

No surprise here but it has always amazed me how easily words have flown from Brighton’s mouth.  They may be words I will cherish all my days or words that have earned unpleasant consequences.  He is never short on verbiage and never short of the courage to speak them— for good or for bad or for the sheer joy of having a voice in his small world.  Add these free flowing words to his sense of justice for all and it can get interesting.  A few years back I remember telling you of his seriousness of calling “Mr. Saxon” to prove to him the math key was “incorrect”.  “Mrs. Shurley” was threatened as well because the grammar key was “faulty”.  I feigned phone calls as he looked on with sheer terror— to call his bluff.  So as all of our kids grow up, we wonder, “What’s that going to look like when he’s older?”  “How do we help coach that now so it’s a strength for him and not an annoying weakness?”  While I am certainly looking for ways to navigate his many words on the healthiest trajectory, I can still chuckle when I see this come out in him in ways I hadn’t thought of yet.

He got a Kindle for Christmas.  The verdict is still out on that— whether it was a good idea or not.  {Isn’t it tradition that parents do ridiculous things in the name of Christmas?!} It has all sorts of restrictions, places for parental passwords and all that jazz— and while I think I am pretty tech savvy {I keep telling myself that.}, I cannot figure out how to separate MY stuff from HIS stuff.  However, being connected definitely has its advantages because EVERYTHING he does or downloads comes straight to my email.

This came up a couple of days ago…


Short and simple and poorly punctuated— and his being the one who wanted to argue with Mrs. Shurley. Really?  His irritation could not be held back. His voice had to be heard.  Justice for all.  So he typed that pitiful review—- under MY account.   My favorite part is “We and millions of shoppers on Amazon appreciate the time you took to write about….” lalalalalala… {italics mine}. All of his 3 seconds in lower-case negativity.

So this is B.  Enlightening “millions” on bad deals.  Games that don’t do anything.  Something that really matters to an 11 year old boy.

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