Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

I have to admit.  I feel a bit old-fashioned when I sit down to type out a Christmas letter.  Is it me or is it the letter?  A dinosaur? Extinct?  Or how about a Black-footed ferret?  They’re cuter anyway and aren’t completely extinct.  So outdated or not, I embrace it all- remembering bits of our year, wondering where it went, sharing it with you like a visit I’d much rather have in person. The only thing that would make this deal better is if you’d write me back.

Julia will be 13 next month and I wonder, did someone come during the night and switch out my child with a young lady?  It was SO fast. And here we are— blazing new trails in parenting. I am very thankful for her sweet, patient demeanor {mostly—-she does have a little brother} and her willingness to help me with just about anything.  She continues piano lessons and ballet.  She had her first ballet recital “en pointe” this year as one of the Indians in Peter Pan.  We heard the drum beat in our heads- or our chests- for weeks.  A few of her favorite things are reading, shopping, family dates, and being with friends.  She tends to be our saver {of money} but she’s caught the clothes bug. {I had nothing to do with that.}  She’s also learned the thrill of a bargain. {I had NOTHING to do with that either.}

Brighton just turned 11 in October and his neck has been hurting for about six months. If you have an elementary boy, you know exactly why.  Yes— the hair.  Swooping that hair over “just so” has given him chronic whiplash.  Raw evidence that even boys suffer for beauty.  He continues to bless our family with enthusiasm for life and his unique words of affection for each of us.  His desire for fun every minute of every day doesn’t mix so well with school but somehow he manages to make it through. Alive.  However, sometimes that puts me on the phone with Jeff on the floor of my closet eating chocolate.  Brighton continues piano lessons and plays whatever sport is in season.  A few of his favorite things are, well, all of Julia’s EXCEPT reading and add video games. {I gave it my all, people.}  And yes, shopping. The boy can spend some money.

We are grateful for the 400+ Reading Coaches working through Tarrant NET with Read2Win!  The coaches are blessing the first graders in the Fort Worth school district by helping them master their reading skills before second grade.  We started our 3rd school year in October and are super encouraged by the results and feedback from the schools.  Our prayer is that the schools will feel loved and cared for by the churches in their communities by being served in this and other ways.

We celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this year and that was such an amazing weekend seeing my parents being loved on by so many special people— many of whom are reading this letter.  Thank you for being such great friends— and family— to my parents.  Way to go, Mom and Dad!

You are kind to read because it means that you care about my family and that’s something.  A BIG something.  I don’t take that granted so thank you.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity in the past, through the years and for right now.  I am blessed to know you.
Merry, merry Christmas.

Truly He taught us to love one another, His law is love and His gospel is peace!

Behold your King!  Before Him lowly bend.

O Holy Night,  O night divine!

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