Monday, August 25, 2014

Pericope No. 12: A Big One: Summer

This is for me.  For the family's history books---as daily and insignificant as they are, here goes a chunk of our year.  Scroll on through or feel free to take a peek of May through August-- the anticipation of summer through not quite being ready for back to school!

Julia had her first recital "en pointe".  They played the Indians in Peter Pan.  The drum beat still plays in my head....

We are SO honored when friends come -- sad we didn't get them all in the picture!  Have no idea what was going on with B's shoes/socks.  Apparently, he didn't either.

His team got to play at the  Dr. Pepper Park outside of Rangers Stadium.  They won!  Fun day.

One of the first days anticipating spring-- catching some school work outside.

End of school FUN!!

Tarrant NET threw a Dr. Seuss party in Sundance Plaza to celebrate all of our Read2Win reading coaches.  It was a great night for being silly and Seussical.

Mother's Day and Blue Mesa Brunch-- a week later to miss the crowd! Blessed to have these two.

We said goodbye to this dear man-- only to Europe for a while.  He's been the man who has worked with and supported Jeff from nearly the beginning of Tarrant NET-- a partner in every way.  COME HOME!!

We finished off the month with piano recitals and the Thursday Boys Annual Picnic.  

June brought this fun trip to Maine with THREE of my FAVORITE girls!!!!

Basketball camp carpool was not for lightweights.  They ran them from 9-4-- this was day 1.  No other day looked quite like this...

Theory camp does not burn quite as many calories.  {He chooses this.  I promise.}

We watched some baseball.  SO HAPPY to watch some baseball.  

Atlee, Bailey and Julia hosted "Camp Joy" for 1st and 2nd grade girls.  JOY= Jesus, Others, You  They are following the example of "Camp Calico" started by Katie Davis a few years ago-- they have been blessed to attend.  These girls learned a lot about planning, leadership, problem solving and friendship!  So thankful for SWEET friends!

The inspiration for Camp Joy-- CAMP CALICO!!!  Julia receiving her "Charismatic" award.  {We had to do a little explaining on that one.}  Boots and running shorts-- it's a Texas thing.

They got to do T-BarM Camp this summer.  Feels crazy not getting to talk to your kids for an entire week.  However, Jeff and I had as much fun as they did.  But we DID MISS THEM!!

Add captio

A very happy Momma.  It's good to miss them.  

Fort Worth happily welcomed Steel City Pops.  Love this treat.  I am already anticipating the Cucumber Lime to come back when the heat does.  


Julia, my country girl at heart, planted her urban garden and had much success

 B learned to weed eat.  Yes.

They knocked out a couple of Summer Bucket List items.  Sleepover in our bedroom and camping.  This is what urban camping looks like.  It POURED rain around 1am for about 4 hours.  B stayed put all night.

We got to see these sweet people on our way to St. George.  I got to meet Melissa's family {Mrs. Summey's daughter} for the FIRST TIME-not Melissa for the first time but her family!

Jeff and I celebrated 22  {!!!!!!}  years of marriage.  So, so thankful for this guy.  

Last summer hurrah spend the nights.  Atlee "dip dyed" Julia's hair.  RED.  

This really needs to be a whole other post but just in case I don't get to it, we were HONORED to be asked to come back to our first church plant--started in our 1800 square foot home while Jeff was in seminary-- for Jeff to say a few words as they had their ground breaking on the land we purchased while serving there.  So much to say.... we love the pastor and his wife-- Soperton connections there if you can believe that.  The couple above, Leo and Myrta Garrett-- it would take a book.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.  

I discovered Velvet Taco.  For the Sanders' history books?  Yes, yes and yes.  I am coming for you soon, VT!  It's been too long!

Jeff, his brother, Phil and Bill, our cousin, road in the Hotter than Hell 100 in Wichita Falls.  THEY DID IT!!  This was Bill's like 27th time so he came in somewhat ahead of the Sanders men but we were ALL SO PROUD of them.

Beach cousins!!  Not at the beach!!

 Handsome brothers.  I love they got to do this together.

And then we started school.  Ack!!!  I'd WAY rather be trying out the new ice cream store with these two.  Melt Fort Worth.  See you next summer!


Alyssa said...

How did I miss B's sock incident at Julia's ballet? That cracks me up! It's so fun to look through these pictures and relive your spring and summer!

Emily said...

Ha! Alyssa! The "sock" incident. Love it. Love this family. Miss the summertime!