Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two Weeks in October

If anybody is checking in today, I am so grateful.  I still feel I have raw neurons firing every 2 seconds on new trains of thought because this list after moving 21 years of stuff seems to fit around the equator and I’m not sure where to start.  So here I am sitting and writing when I need to be miraculously creating some order in my kids’ rooms.  There are stories to be told and I don’t want to forget them.  Today I may just have to make a picture outline…

So Brighton turned 10 and I haven’t written a birthday letter yet but I will.  I need to sit and think about that boy--- and dream a little for him.  Another day.

So like crazy people Jeff and I took 12 little boys to tour the Texas Rangers Ballpark.  We borrowed a passenger van from Young Life {they use Tarrant NET’s trailer from time to time…} and headed to Arlington.  It was the most rambunctious ride I have ever been on.

In the bullpen

In the dugout

Press conference room

Joe was the perfect tour guide for these guys.

Brighton’s football team came in second this year in their league, but get this.  They played for the championship at Cowboy Stadium.  ?!?!??!?!?!?!  I remember reading that on the information sheet when we signed up and didn’t give it ONE. MORE. THOUGHT.  Crazy.  What a fun night for all of these guys.

Jeff was landscaping at the new house but he got there just in time for kick off.  Brighton has heard Jeff say Psalm 91 was the verse he used to pray before his Furman games.  He wanted me to write that on his eye black.   ; )  And in case you are wondering.. this is his nervous smile.  {The lighting at the stadium took 10 years off my face!  Not seeing the crow’s feet!  Or the Christmas wreaths.  I think I’d like to go back there….}

Sunday night we had a little porch party to cut the caramel cake and let him blow out candles.  I learned at about the 4th birthday, little guys don’t enjoy homemade cakes so we always cut it with friends.  And to make it more special, my parents were in town to help us celebrate and get ready to move.

I was just THRILLED to have gotten a cake made!!  And I am THRILLED about this 10 year old.

And this is why I had a “porch party”.

These were the only boxes that I really enjoyed packing.  I’ll have even more fun unpacking.

Our movers showed up tired--- and let me know that.  They also made unnecessary comments about “all the stuff” and basically said they weren’t up for it.  Jeff was at the new house so I put on my big girl pants and gave them a real good talking to.  My 75 plus year old neighbor, Adolph, stood by my side and cheered me on.  

Under Julia’s trundle-- we all just stood back and stared in disbelief.  See that typed letter on the left?  That’s a great mommy-moment.  So I thought. 
 Isn’t cleanliness a virtue?  Maybe that’s the one book in our home she hasn’t read.

After all the whining the professionals did on Friday, we went back to The Sanders’ Way.  We rented a U-Haul.  Then it got really fun.  That is the most sarcastic statement I’ve ever made.  I thought about running away that day but I thought better of it since china, photos and books hadn’t been loaded yet.  My hubby gets the standing O though.  He pushed and pushed until it was done.  I’m not sure how.

Bye bye, Clover Lane.  You were cute and cozy until you started looking like a storage facility.

Hello, Chaos Peach Willow Lane!  Yes, that is driftwood in the foreground.  Possibly the most random thing that was never packed.  Possibly. 

Didn’t realize the quality was this bad but this picture goes in the history books.  I NEVER thought the thing would be empty.  NE-VER.

One down for the count.  Tuckered, for sure.

Two down.

Jubilation every time a box was opened.  We should have stuck back some for Christmas!

And thanks to all of our friends who blessed us with all sorts of things- help unpacking, running my kids around, Starbucks, multiple dinners, schooling my children and cheering us on from a distance!!  You can’t imagine how much it means to us.  Thank you!


Alyssa said...

Yes, definitely still checking in and so grateful you took time from the settling in to capture the past two weeks! And I'm going to be your accountability for B's birthday letter since the kids' birthday letters are my absolute favorites!

Mike and Molly Spivey said...

I chuckled several times reading this post! Can't wait to see pictures of the new house!

Emily said...

The humor in this post almost makes me look back on this move with a little fondness. It helps that I got another four boxes cleared out of my room today. The overarching theme for me though is and has always been that I am so thankful my path has paralleled the Sanders family for these past few years. So blessed.