Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fifties Day

Just had to post this one of B's complete compliance with getting out of the car to have his picture taken with the girls.  Got our morning off to a GREAT START!!!

This is my brother and me in the 5th and 3rd grade.  It might just be my favorite picture of us together.  My Mom made that pink skirt above and the red poodle skirt below.  I wore the poodle skirt in high school for different things and used it when Jeff and I were doing youth ministry.  Blinked and now my daughter is having me pin it to fit her!

Blake-- what do you think about B's impersonation of you?


Alyssa said...

This got my day off to a great start! Love that you put the photo of you and Blake up for comparison!

Sarah said...

Those two are adorable! And so were you and Blake!

TJ Wilson said...

darling darling, most impressed you can get your hands on that pic of you & B.