Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Game Time and a Little Random Instagram-ness

Last night, Jeff announced it was “game time” in regards to the house.  So, for me, that means, no more considering and contemplating or ordering more paint samples from Benjamin Moore, no more swatches of fabric from Cutting Corners-- all of which I did this morning-- but it’s time to pull the trigger on things I’ve got to like for quite a while.  That also means spending gobs of money.  Spending money stresses me out.  Jeff is pretty handy and he has saved us thousands over the years because of his handyman prowess {and his is affection and patience with Craig's List} but the one thing I told him I wish he had learned was how to reupholster furniture.  I mean, really.  THAT would be one useful skill in this duo.  But alas, he only paints furniture, can fix just about anything, can use carpenter tools for bookshelves, crown moulding, frames etc., refinishes furniture, stains concrete- and makes countertops out of it too....... but he cannot recover my grandmother’s chairs.  Oh well.

So I have stared, rearranged, cut more swatches, mixed it all up again, trying to decide how I can work with what I have and recover what's worth keeping.  Each home I have lived in has had plenty of blues and greens and my favorite fabric of all time, creamy, beig-y linen.  I wear it and I like to sit on it and I like it to block out the sun on my windows.  I like the neutral bones of a room.

And then there are all the pops of color to add but how much, how permanent and which ones?!? And WHO is going to sew up all these pillows?  And when?

And if you were wondering how many shades of blue there are out there, quit your wondering.  I can tell you.  Infinity and beyond.... Palladium Blue, Wyeth Blue, Covington Blue and Kensington Green {yes "green" but it comes off blue, or gray or green..... depending on your angle and light source.  Makes it a simple choice.}

Then there is all this furniture that my handy husband is able to paint............ or not to paint.......... Leave it a mirror or do I have him paint it with chalkboard paint...... Do I want all painted furniture or do I want to leave some of it natural.  YES!  But how much to paint and what pieces?

All the trim was unloaded this morning and in anticipation of that Jeff and I made a history making trip to IKEA this weekend.

There are 2 flatbeds and a buggy.  Jeff found the Clearance section and bought cabinets doors and drawers that will make a huge difference in what we are doing.  We also bought things to go in the closet and Julia and I got out the girl tools and worked on a 7-11 Slurpee while we put these together.

We timed ourselves, of course, to see if we could beat ourselves since we had 4 to put together.  We whittled our time down pretty well.


To celebrate we ended the night with a little Roman Holiday with Miss Hepburn.

Where were the guys, you ask?  Dove hunting!  B was Jeff's bird dog.

However, before they left we began the washing of the wood from Soperton.  Friends had been storing it on a borrowed trailer for a couple of months so we went and picked it up and scrubbed it like maniacs.  Hot maniacs, let me tell you.  Our typical summers came late this year.

Here, it's wet, shining in the sun.  You know, this could turn out really good, like, way cooler than the Sanders really are but it could also wind up smelling really funny or worse, be the home for tiny, crawly thingies.  We've done all we know to do so we will give it a whirl and see what happens!

And to just break up my thoughts on house stuff, I get texts like these from my brother.  My handsome nephew caught this in St. Augustine.  Yikes!  The ones they catch in St. George aren't nearly as intimidating but this looks like a mini Jaws!  Freaky.

To REALLY brighten my week, I get a visit from Alyssa bearing divine yumminess--  pretzel rods covered in all my favorite things.  Thank you!!!!!! {I did share like you asked me to..}

Then, there's this book that is completely intriguing me...... "The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking"  I'm not too far in but far enough in that I get now why I spent HOURS alone in my room growing up, why I always want to crawl in bed {and sometimes do} when overnight company leaves, why being alone recharges me, why I LOVE going to small talk functions with my extrovert friend, why I like doing projects by myself, why writing for me is like taking a nap...  It's a great book and her research is sound.

Game time-- time to make these rooms look like a place the Sanders live.  I can't wait to hang out in here with them-- and you!  And in the meantime, I am going to keep snapping the pictures of all the in between times.  The random that fills in the cracks of the calendar that we have trouble remembering the next day which actually is a really sweet, fun memory.


TJ Wilson said...

You'd fool anyone with small talk.
But the Sunday naps give it away.
Home look gorgeous

Alyssa said...

I love the color scheme and can't wait to see the finished product! by the way, I had no idea you are an introvert! Been looking forward to reading that book; it's on my list.

Patti said...

Writing IS like a nap! (Another well camouflaged introvert here). I love reading about all of your house decisions. It is good confirmation that, though I love the idea of choosing all of the details, the reality of it would have overwhelmed me completely. We bought an inventory house in which all of those decisions had been made for me. I don't love everything but have embraced the "just fine." Also, I can change things as they begin to bother me. IF I don't get overwhelmed with all the shades of blue paint!!! I also agree that the gift of upholstery would be a magnificent gift to possess.