Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Around my Mom’s dining room table last weekend, long after desserts had been consumed, my brother spoke what I already knew to be true.  Like only he can say, “The blog’s been boring lately.”  Now, if I wasn’t so crazy about him and hadn’t  known for most of my life that he just speaks his mind when he feels like it {and most of the time with no filter---- endearing.... most of the time} and if I hadn’t had the same thought a thousand times over the last year before he spoke it, I might have been offended.

Writing has been more of a struggle lately and it didn’t take me long to figure out why-- Julia and Brighton are older.......and they know how to check my blog.  I have to be more careful about what I share.  Maybe I have crossed the line before, and maybe I’ll cross it again but respecting the privacy of their experiences as they get older is on the forefront every time I sit down to write and there are many things that just can’t be shared.  I know there will be times I will write and feel freedom to post because just maybe my experience, my mistakes might help someone else and there will be other times I write to process thoughts and no one will ever see it but me.

So don’t feel bad if you’ve had the same thoughts as my brother.  It’s okay. I will continue to write because it keeps me thinking and I know as the months go by, the Lord will teach me as I think through the things and put words to what He is teaching me as I parent Julia and Brighton and as I am wife to Jeff and as I am daughter to Him.


Sarah said...

Not boring at all, friend :)

Li Amanda said...
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andrea said...

nothing like family to 'keep it real'. Very interesting that they can/will check your blog! kids are very resourceful aren't they. yikes! my friend gave his 4 year old the iPad and found out that his child ordered a toy from Amazon.com. 4!!