Tuesday, November 13, 2012

# 9

As I scanned Brighton's assignment sheet for Science yesterday, I saw we had something out of the ordinary due. Today.  Blocks of time were shaded in on the calendar in my head for most of the day so this threw me for a loop.  {This would not have happened if I had read the entire assignment sheet last week.  Our fault entirely.}  B's sweet teacher, Mrs. Johanson, gave us many choices and a few of those I just looked right over knowing he would NOT be ready for an oral report of any kind by 8:30 this morning.  I also knew I would not be performing any soil experiments in the next 5 hours.  So in my attempts of being less controlling~ or less suggestive~ and giving Brighton more choices, I set the paper down in front of him.  {#4 circled in red pen has nothing to do with my suggestive struggle!}  He studied it for a minute or two.  I left the room so I would keep my mouth shut.  I walked back in to check on his progress.  

"Mom, I think I want to do this one."  I looked down to see his little finger pointed on #9.  


#9.  If you can think of another activity you would like to do pertaining to soil, let me know.

"B, would you like "A" or "B"?"


Welcome to my world.

Love that boy.

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andrea said...

Oh no! I have this coming!!!! I would always drop this on my Dad the night before and he would always create something totally awesome. One time he made the state of Texas out of flour and water and then water colored it and it had mountains where we actually have some...or maybe they are more hills and green where we have lovely pines and my teacher looked at it and knew I did not have one hand in it but thought it was so awesome. Unfortunately I do not have an artists hand ...maybe all the chemistry will help me with science projects but we will see.
i have this coming.....