Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Scent of Fall

When that first cool front blows through, it's like someone opened a window right when you thought you might suffocate.  The fresh air, the breeze, the chill nipping at your skin-- delightful.  When this happens, the kids know the pumpkins will be on the porch soon and the house will be sprinkled with leaves, nuts, gourds and glorious orange.  And then they smell it ~orange peels and cloves~ simmering on the stove.  You can't welcome the fall into your home in any better way.  Try it!

Start with the peel of one orange, a tablespoonful of cloves and 2 cups of water in your smallest pot.  Bring to a boil, uncovered and simmer, uncovered.  Change it out every 3-4 days as your family enjoys oranges.



Sarah said...

Always love being in your home, but especially in the fall and through the Christmas holidays... :)

TJ Wilson said...

love this, great idea!! (these are those posts when I'm reminded how great it is to have a SOUTHERN sister)