Monday, January 24, 2011

Because I Must

123.  Molasses

124.  minutes to read

125.  “I love you as long as the Nile.”

126.  bright faced friend shining into Walgreens with certain white, green and black cup filled with hot yum

128.  empty laundry baskets

133.  daddy doing best friend sleepover solo

135.  children’s prayers thanking God for MY infertility -- that no one took their place  (!!)

136.  Texas Americana lake house filled with evidence of sweet memories and a full life being lived

137.  Mom’s in pj’s  with third pot of coffee

138.  conversations filled with what Life is made of

139.  long winter’s nap

144.  pirouettes in my kitchen

145.  my children’s names in Bible of one whose walk with Him shaped my own-- waiting for God’s date of salvation

146.  little arms around my neck

147.  getting to celebrate a 9th birthday with her

1 comment:

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I enjoyed reading your list of blessings. What a sweet list. Such a beautiful smile on the birthday girl... Happy Birthday! :)