Monday, July 12, 2010

Small Shoes

A friend needed to borrow your ballet shoes today-- size 10.  Your first pair.  I sat them down beside me as I was reading and, Julia, I was completely distracted........... by their size, by the pink, by the wrinkles your feet made in the soft leather and by the reality that we passed that size only a blink ago.  This friend’s little girl was headed to ballet camp for the first time and I remember that day, too.  I loved buying your first (and second) leotard (I couldn’t just buy one!), your itty tights and these tiny shoes.  Your little 4 year old body filled the outfit only the way you can and I had hardly ever seen anything cuter.  The skirt was your favorite part of the ensemble and your second favorite thing was having a bun on top of your head.  We were both in little girl heaven.  
Sweet shoes.  Sweet memories.  Sweet gal.  Love you.


Sarah said...

maybe someday... when I have granddaughters :) Precious.

Joyce said...

So sweet!