Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stick Breaker

A couple of Saturday mornings ago while I was stirring pancake batter waiting on the griddle to heat up, Jeff was busy in the den making a fire with Julia and Brighton skipping around his feet. Over their happy chatter, I heard some loud snaps and then an adoring daughter’s voice. “Daddy, you are REALLY GOOD at breaking sticks!” From my stirring station, I could not see them but I couldn’t help but to participate from a distance. With a convincing, matter of fact tone, I said, “Did you not know that Daddy is the BEST stick breaker in ALL of Tarrant County? C’mon.”

All was still and there came a sudden hush. I stopped stirring. They took the bait.

Julia’s wide eyes zoomed in on her Daddy, “Really, Daddy?? Are you really?”

I peeked. Both kids were STARING at their Daddy with reverence and awe. I began to stifle my laughter-- still at a distance.

Jeff, matching my pokerface and taking on a very Herculean posture, “Oh yeah,” head nodding, “I have a trophy in my room to prove it.” Brighton perked up. Trophies are a BIG deal.

Snap! Another broken stick over the knee with a little added drama and maybe even a grunt for impact. The kids were gawking at him and his handiwork, now clenched in his large fists. As my suppressed laughter threatened to ruin this fun, I retreated to my spot and began pouring out batter.

Bait swallowed, Julia asked, “Daddy, HOW did you win?”

Jeff, aware of my enjoyment, held his head a little higher, flexed his "power" as Brighton calls it and announced, “It must have been my form and the intensity by which I broke the stick.” My head hit the island to muffle my laughter in the sleeves of my sweatshirt. I lifted my head for air and through tears I saw them gazing in silence as Jeff stuffed the kindle in the fireplace. Brighton's focus slowly moved to the pile of unbroken sticks.

Seconds later they made a bee line to the kitchen to tell me the incredible news, not remembering I was the one who had reported to them. So while flipping pancakes, I got a great show from Brighton as he tried his hand at his Daddy’s award winning skills of stick breaking.

I had no idea my kids were so gullible.


melissa said...

i may not believe mr. jeff is the best stick breaker but lance and i would give him the best head-bopper-with-big-football-ring trophy after all those sunday mornings at beech haven :) MERRY CHRISTMAS, sanders!

Raechelle Ivy said...

WOW...we have gotten so lazy and decided to just use the easy fire logs!!!! Holden even lights them for us, we just watch! :)

Alyssa said...

You and Jeff pulled a good one on your kiddos! So funny!

TJ Wilson said...

Stick breaker?! He told me he was the best blow-up-spotter in Tarrant County.

tanya said...

I think it is sweet how "in awe" they are of their Daddy.

Gullible? Perhaps. Total trust in their parents words? Absolutely!

andrea said...

adorable! I'm surprised they didn't ask to see that trophy. I see a good present in Jeff's stocking this year (Trophy Stick Breaker 1999-2009)!

Krista said...

M- that was perfect! OUR kids don't even know that feeling!! You and Lance were troopers!
TJ- he talks SO much smack. I win EVERY year!
T- And we totally lied.........
A from Finland- already called the drugstore at home to have it ready! Thanks for the idea!

nikki said...

love picturing you cracking up over your pancake batter!