Wednesday, July 22, 2009

St. George Island, 2009

We celebrated the summer's half way mark on my family's annual beach trip. There is always plenty of foolishness, card playing and the finest of food but a few things that made this year a little unique are the bacon bomb (a.k.a. Go Ahead and Make an Appointment for an Angioplasty), a lost tooth, homemade tortilla chips, RAIN, beach crafts, the magic money cup, Mom on the beach, amazing card comebacks, sore losers (all male under the age of ..........what are you Blake, 41?), "Is there an app for that?" and stolen, excuse me, borrowed jet ski trailers.

Here are some of our favorite pictures!

The best we look all week!

Where it all happens........

Interested onlookers as Brayden lost his first tooth!

Christmas present's first flight

My two favorite head shots of the kids

Brighton trying his hand at Bill's stunt kite

The only place I will pay full price for a book-- this year, Secret Garden and Little Oink

The entrance of this year's "fort"


Testosterone break-- 1st picture- guy would throw frisbee from beach and jet ski guys would try to catch it. 2nd picture- 2 guys having a BALL

B had WAY too much having his picture taken this year!

The darling face those hands above belong to

???? You tell me.....


Anonymous said...

Great pix! Very few will ever know what a blast we had. Squeeze em! bsd

Alyssa said...

I've been waiting for this picture-filled post and was not disappointed. Such beautiful subjects make such beautiful pictures!

Sarah said...

as always, the Sanders family is beautiful inside and out!

Tori said...

Beautiful shots, Krista! Looks like you guys had a fun-filled time with family.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures and the memories they bring. Brighton is quite the "marcher." All the kids are amazing! Love you, Mom

TJ Wilson said...

K - love these photos, friend! waiting for them. want to see the rest. just BUEATIFUL. jet skiis hilarious - what fun!