Monday, June 29, 2009

First Date

When Jeff made plans with Julia to attend Christ Chapel’s Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance, a giant void was left in Brighton’s internal continual calendar. This year Brighton clued in quickly that he would be at home with me so his need for a plan erupted. As he began forming his ideas and trying them on for size, out loud, I suggested something from his top 3 before I got trapped into something that required tokens. Just as I figured it would, when I mentioned going out to eat, the idea produced bright eyes, a big grin and visions of chips, salsa and Sprite. Perfect. Not long after his mental calendar square was filled, he had the typical little brother notion of keeping our “date” a secret from his sister, tormenting her with whispers in my ear every chance he could.

Once we got Julia all dolled up for her time with Jeff, Brighton was more than ready to crunch his first tortilla chip. With money for dinner heating up his pocket and a Tigger style step, he walked in and said, “Brighton—for two.” (I called ahead and put us under his name just so he could do this.) The hostess seated us in a two person booth facing each other. Time with just B is rare so I just sat and listened to all his words. He was flourishing in the freedom of talking to his excited heart’s content with no worries of interrupting anyone. I find his strings of thoughts intriguing. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes before I figure out why his little mind takes him in a certain direction and sometimes I realize the string has broken and he is on his way down a fresh one.

About half way through our quesadillas and fajitas, Brighton said, “I wish I could sit WITH you.” I smiled and explained how he WAS sitting with me and how the booth was made for only two and how there wasn’t room for both of us on one seat. His face suggested I was wrong. He proceeded to scoot as far over as he could to show me there was plenty of room for the two of us. He went on making his case with pleading eyes and beckoning hands. He had me. So there we were in a booth for two sitting side by side, making it work. After another quesadilla disappeared, he looked up and asked, “Can I sit in your lap?”

As I have said before, because of all his practice, he expresses himself very well. At five, he is transparent and experienced when it comes to telling you how he feels. That particular Friday night, knotted all down his strings of words were sweet expressions of love for me and thanks for things I do. Yes. More gratifying than I can communicate here. I got to be his object of affection in our two person booth. His cup was full and it all splashed out on to me. Most of his "splash" I will tuck away just for me, however, there is one I will share. “Mom, you know what’s more fun than playing the Wii? Getting to be ‘just me with just you’.” Colossal. Ginormous. H-U-G-E. Good answer. Great night.
Here are a couple of pictures of Jeff and Julia on their way out.


Alyssa said...

My heart just buckled. Super sweet times!

TJ Wilson said...

oh, love this - all of it. and love picturing you trying to following his strings! as always, glad you have it down in YOUR words.

Sarah said...

Precious times. Glad you are recording this.

Tori said...

I teared up reading this, Krista. What a sweet memory! From the time I was a little girl, my daddy has always taken me on "date nights". How precious that Brighton realizes how special that is at such a young age! I just can't wait to plan fun things like that with my kiddos one day. Your stories like this make my anticipation grow even more!