Friday, May 1, 2009

From the Back Seat #9 “Hot Seat”

There isn’t a sign on our beaten path that Brighton hasn’t seen, commented on or asked a question about. Not surprisingly, road/road work signs are his favorites. How much can be said about the all too familiar STOP sign after the 3146th time you have stopped at one? Just yesterday, he told us how many letters were in the word and that it was an octagon. Probably not new comments to us, just forgotten. And the other day, on our way to a friend’s house, he actually saw a sign he had never seen before. It’s the D.O.T. yellow diamond with mother duck and duckies on it. The silouhettes of the waddling creatures created LOTS of inquiries. It fascinated him, I think, because of the gentler nature of the instruction. Store signs, restaurant signs, and billboards (which is most unfortunate) don’t escape his attention either. He recognizes all our familiar stops in unfamiliar places. The unfamiliar town of Branson was a feast for his eyes for its streets were being combed with Brighton Sanders' peepers for the very first time. With all the show advertisements, local venues, and tourist spots, here is what caught his attention. From the backseat I heard, “Momma!! Look!! It's a POTTY with FIRE coming out of it!”


Raechelle Ivy said...

Just wait until the first time you go to California and are driving North on the 5 freeway from San Diego.

Just before you get to the Immigration Check Point, there are signs with a silhouette of an adult running with two children running behind her (all holding hands). Warning drivers to watch for pedestrians from running across the highway. Pretty funny stuff!!!

I'd love to hear his reaction to that one.

Alyssa said...

I would have never seen the "hot seat" without his perspective. I love seeing things through his eyes. These "From the Back Seat" posts are some of my favorites, second only to the letters you write to the kiddos on their birthdays.

Sarah said...

brighton and graham need to get together and quiz each other until they wear each other out!
oh, and the branson billboards. they are everywhere, and they are so hilariously tacky.