Sunday, December 7, 2008


I bet this won't surprise you, but I don't "do" silliness very well. Some people pull it off producing loads of laughter but I wind up looking, well, silly. When my kids enter that domain, they might get a laugh from me or it just might send my eyes rolling. Well, here's a "roller".

For some reason I haven’t figured out yet, we headed to Wal Mart yesterday.... Saturday. Not just any Saturday, but a Saturday just a couple of weeks before Christmas. We made it through the experience injury free, in under an hour and miraculously, with only one trip to the bathroom. As we were walking to the car, Juila began to sing what I, for a split second, thought was a familiar Christmas carol. Instead of the words I have always heard her sing, this is what marched uncomfortably into my ear, “Joy to the earth! Barney is dead! We’re bar- be- queing his head!” Got to love that, right? Okay, harmless, I know, but coming from my daughter’s mouth, it sounded a bit too barbaric. I knew exactly from whom she learned it because I had been serenaded with a strange little rendition of Jingle Bells last week. This “Joy to the World” variation was merely music lesson #2 from another little girl. Got to love that too, right?

The only person who (secretly) enjoyed this incident was Jeff. He never was a big Barney fan.


TJ Wilson said...

well, Bran would love it. He's convinced that Barney should be in prison.

Tanya said...

two things:

1. Beautiful picture of Julia
2. I was home with N today and turned on PBS to none other than Barney. Totally thought of barbecue!

andrea said...

You don't even need to add sauce to him since he already is purple looking. Too cute! When I come home I want my picture taken professionally by you. Great pictures!

Tori said...

Oh goodness, you wouldn't believe all of the Christmas Carol variations Mrs. Cox and I have heard over the past few weeks! You just never know what words may come out to the tune of your favorite Christmas song...

PS - Enjoying the Amy Grant Christmas music on your page! You would've loved the concert! It was such a fun night!