Monday, October 13, 2008

A Futile Brick

As my girl grows up, I, like every other mother on the planet, continue to be amazed by how fast it happens. It is sort of like the wrinkles that started after I turned 30. I had no idea the speed at which they would appear…… exponentially. That seems to be the way she is maturing. When I think of Julia as a first grader, it still sounds young, but when I TALK to my first grader, I am stunned by all she understands and comprehends. When she is focused and thinking, I can be somewhat satisfied in my conversations with her. I enjoy her so. However, as it should be, I hear the words of a girl who has only been on this planet for 6 short years (That would be “6 and a HALF”, if she could correct me. It is much different than “plain 6” as she calls it.). It might be in a funny word, a misunderstanding, or just a clueless statement. Realizing her season of saying these kinds of things is almost over, I decided to record a few that I have heard over the last few months.

Jeff and the kids gave me a small yummy bakery cake for my birthday which taunted all of us every second it adorned our kitchen counter. When finally saying “yes” to one of her many requests for a piece, she began dancing around the kitchen singing, “I love cake best of all! I love cake best of all!” Then all of a sudden, she stopped, locked her brown eyes on me and said, “No. Mom! (pause) No. GOD!!” Well, I was thankful she got that all straightened out.

After getting into trouble, I asked her, “What were you thinking, honey? Did you really think it was a good idea?” Promptly and honestly she admitted, “I didn’t think, Momma. I just started doing it.” I loved her bluntness and could completely relate to her answer.

One late afternoon at the TCU pool, Julia was finishing off a peach while “people watching” which consisted of mainly students at the time. She asked why all the people had earplugs stuffed into their ears. I explained to her that they were listening to music which didn’t really compute with her since there was already music playing, so that led to preferences, privacy—you know, WAY more than necessary, but typical and tiresome when talking to any child under 10. It must have been a good day for me because I went on to explain that it also drowned out all the talking and yelling. Now, that stopped the inquisition. She thought about that for a second then rolled her eyes and said, “Well, when they get kids, that thing will have to go!” Just one reason you will never see me with my Ipod at the pool.

While reviewing the days of creation during our Bible study one morning, I asked her, “What did God create on day 3?”
“He made the land and the vegetarians.”

Both the kids are forever bringing their “art” to me. Children bring a WHOLE new meaning to “art is subjective”. The other day she proudly handed me a fantastic picture of a yellow bird. I could plainly see the beak, the body and the wings. So like any good momma would, I said, “Great bird, Julia. Love it.” She grabbed it back and held it up in front of her face and said, “It’s not a bird. It is a banana with a tail!” Okay. My bad.

When we leave the kids with a babysitter, we have always had the children tell us who the boss is before we leave. When they couldn’t speak, they would just point to the babysitter. Julia’s probably getting a little old for it but we still ask because of Brighton-- absolutely necessary. The other night when I began, she interrupted me with her hand up and said, “I know. I know. She’s sovereign.” I think that settled it.

After church one day, she asked, “Momma, who are 'Jonah’s brothers'?” This one took me a second as I skimmed through the book of Jonah in my brain. Instead, think young, cute and musical.

A few weeks ago, one of our spelling words was “hair” and the sentence that followed was, “Don’t let your Mom brush your hair if she is mad at your Dad.” She had heard the sentence a few times before but this time before she wrote her word, she smiled and said, “Good thing YOU are never mad at Daddy.” I'll leave that one alone.

I love that she is still clueless sometimes, but far more often, I see a perception that makes me want to stand a little straighter. Her growing up is normal, I know, but that doesn’t make it any easier. At least once a month, Jeff tells her, as his Mom used to tell him, “I am going to put a brick on your head.” We had dinner with a couple last week that have two in college and two in high school. It brought me great comfort to hear the Dad say he has loved every stage of his kids and that each stage seemed more enjoyable than the one before. He talked about how when they are older, they still have all the same traits you adored about them when they were younger. Now, they are just more mature. See, I can't imagine not longing for the days they said words with funny phonics or made statements that made people other than grandparents laugh. Last weekend, our friends traveled to Vanderbilt to visit their 18 year old boy and one thing he had planned was a trip to the Science museum which is much like ours here—somewhat child-oriented. Don’t you love that?

As much as I am tempted to try to balance the brick on Julia's head, at the same time, I can’t wait to “know” her at 18. Who KNOWS what she would plan for all of us to do?? However, in the meantime, I will be content with being her audience for all kinds of "shows", listening to her "Julia-isms", and loving the next twelve years one day at a time.


Alyssa said...

Make that 11.5 years! Love that you captured the current Julia-isms. Precious!

TJ Wilson said...

Can't decide if my fav is Jonas bros or the banana bird...

tanya said...

“Don’t let your Mom brush your hair if she is mad at your Dad.” - First time I've heard that one!

I guess a big thank you is in order to God and Johnson & Johnson's "No More Tangles" for my hair!

Sarah said...

sweet julia... it was so fun to see her this weekend and get to know her little (i mean BIG) personality again. she is so endearing!

beth gray said...

Krista What a great mommie I love reading your blog Julia made me smile. Time does go so fast! But GOD has given me another chance with 4 precious grandkids.

Shannon said...

I love these! I think my favorite is the babysitter comment! Love that. (But I have to admire the honesty in the "I didn't think..." comment as well!!)