Monday, February 18, 2008

Too Much of Something

Last week, “Aunt Nini” invited the kids over to make Valentine’s goodies, a highlight of my kid’s week for sure. Mine too! I was thrilled- one, to have a couple of hours at Starbucks with a good book and two, to have them spend time with someone whose devotion to the Lord is so evident and contagious! Aunt Nini is a lady intent on participating in the Lord’s work, on caring beautifully for her aging mother, on loving her own grown kids, her grandbaby and three other sweet kids she adores and serves as “Zsa Zsa”, so, for my kids to get to have her alone was indeed a special treat. I was escorted out the front door as quickly as I dropped them off. “No Moms allowed”, I was told. After a good cup of coffee and several chapters, I got the call to let me know they were finished baking.

I was greeted by apron-clad Aunt Nini and kids who seemed to have a few extra bounces in their steps! Sugar, perhaps? Their first question from suspiciously sweet looking mouths was, “Can I have a cookie, Momma?” I was hardly comforted by Aunt Nini’s comment made with rolling eyes and a chuckle, “I am not sure how many they have had. Several, though.”

Her sister Lynda, who has always been so sweet to my kids was there and so as I was catching up a little on Janina’s life, Lynda was letting Brighton look over her shoulder at some old photograph albums Janina was going through for one of her never- ending projects. Something definitely caught Brighton’s eye from these black and whites of the fifties because we heard him say, “Wait! Go back! Go back to that picture of that ‘meeting’.” Lynda obediently did as he demanded. (Where do their manners go in situations like this?) There it was. The familiar scene. A group of people, men in coats and ties, women in cute dresses, sitting around a long rectangular table. As he came around the chair and put his face ever closer to the picture, he looked up at Lynda and said, “Where’s my Dad in that meeting?”


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

Maybe Brighton equates height with age, and so of course that would mean that his tall daddy should be in those old pictures. Too funny!

TJ Wilson said...

Love Janina's intentionality with you guys - and her other dear little ones - and that J&B get to benefit from her overflow. You captured the afternoon with precious words!